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The Department of Information Technology believes that education should not be confined only to class-rooms and laboratories. Furthering this belief, the department organises workshops and seminars by experts from the industry in their research areas. Industrial visits provide an active exposure to the various concepts related to the subject and current IT trends. They also give the students a feel for the industrial work-culture.

The Department encourages the students to go in for internships to gain hands-on experience of the latest technologies.

The department is going to conduct fifth International conference on Recent trends in Information technology (ICRTIT) on April 8th and 9th, 2016.
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Annual Report 2016-2017


Sl.No Name of the Workshop Date
1 One Day Workshop on INTERNET of THINGS(IoT) 4th November, 2016.
2 Hands-on Training Programme on Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic using Matlab 29-31 January, 2016.
3 Workshop on Hands-on Training Programme on Big Data Analytics 30-31 October & 1st November 2015
4 Three Days Workshop on Java Programming 28 - 30 AUGUST, 2015
5 Three Days Workshop on Big Data Tools 11-13 June, 2015
6 Workshop on Big Data Analytics 21-22nd November, 2014
7 Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Big Data 7 th & 8 th February, 2014
8 National Workshop on Image and Video Analytics using Matlab Tools 12 th & 13th March 2013
9 Workshop on Cloud computing 12-14 September, 2012
10 Workshop on Soft computing 21-22 March, 2012
11 Workshop on "Simulation of Advanced Networking using NS-2", Phase -I 02-03 December, 2012
12 International workshop on Recent Developments in Neural Networks 3rd - 5th October 2012
13 Workshop on "Simulation of Advanced Networking using NS-2", Phase -II January 2012
14 Workshop on "Data Mining for Web Intelligence" 20-21 January, 2011
15 Intelligent Agent Based Technology by Dr.Lakshmi Narasimhan from East California University, USA November 2010
16 National level workshop on "Faculty Empowerment Programme, 'Mission 10X' 21-Jun-2010 to 25-Jun-2010
17 Workshop on Virtualisation Techniques 8-9 April, 2009

Faculty Development Programmes(FDP)

Sl.No Name of the FDP Date
1 National level Short Course on "FDTP on Computer Architecture" 24-Jun-2014 to 30-Jun-2014


Sl.No Name of the Seminar Date
1 Seminar on wireless:Signaling and Data 22 October 2012
2 Preconference tutorial on "Recent Trends in Information Technology" 03-05 June 2011
3 Particle Filters by Dr.Prakash from E&I Department, MIT, Anna University October, 2010
4 Seminar on "Research Challenges in Wireless Sensor Network (RCWSN)" 3 March, 2010
5 Preconference tutorial on Advanced Computing (ICAC 2009) 13-15 December, 2009


Sl.No Event Year Brochure
1 Internet of Things(IoT) Workshop 2016 Click here
2 Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 2016 Click here
3 Java Workshop 2015 Click here
4 Microsoft Word - BDTools 2015 Click here
5 Hands-on Training Programme on Big Data Analytics 2015 Click here
6 Computer Architecture 2014 Click here
7 Big Data Analytics 2014 Click here
8 Image and video analysis 2013 Click here
9 Recent Developments in Neural Networks 2012 Click here
10 Mission10x 2010 Click here

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